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makis καλημερα!! (06.05.15, 05:15) 0
Sia (03.05.15, 23:17) 0
terring Θα έρθουν την άλλη Παρασκευή (03.05.15, 10:41) 0
apollonios Γιουπι γιουπι!! Που ειναι οι ιερεις της παρασκευης... (03.05.15, 07:07) 0
terring Γιούπι γιούπι, είναι μια μέρα πριν την Παρασκευή! (30.04.15, 08:02) 0
Vicky Aparadekti ΓΙΟΥΧΟΥΥΥ (26.04.15, 16:30) 1
makis καλησπερααα (17.04.15, 13:04) 1
terring Και όχι μόνο αυτός... (12.04.15, 17:38) 0
apollonios Ο παπας εχεστει στο φραγκο λιακουρα... (12.04.15, 17:20) 0
terring Ο παπάς εχέστει, σκατόπαιδα (12.04.15, 16:53) 1
Gold Profile ready! Ready to launch.. (12.04.15, 00:37) 0
apollonios Καλημερα Μακη! Χρονια πολλα! (11.04.15, 07:35) 0
makis καλημερα, καλη ανασταση (11.04.15, 06:56) 0
apollonios Εχουμε τρομερη χρονοκαθυστερηση... (09.04.15, 20:31) 0
terring Normal πράγματα (09.04.15, 17:55) 0
terring Και σε 8 μήνες θα στολίζουμε κάλαντα και θα τραγουδάμε δέντρα. (09.04.15, 17:54) 0
terring Ετοιμαζόμαστε να σουβλίσουμε αβγά και να βάψουμε αρνιά. (09.04.15, 17:54) 0
lilian που ειστε ρε??? (09.04.15, 17:34) 0
lilian tza (09.04.15, 17:34) 0
apollonios Παλι γαυγιζεις ξαδερφε; (06.04.15, 20:32) 0
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TUS - YOLO ft. Demis & Fus Official Videoclip

Tus Official Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/TUS.H.TUSIS Μουσική : Γιάννης Φουστέρης (Fus) Παραγωγή Ενορχήστρωση : Γιάννης Φουστέρης (Fus)...

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How to cook Vegan Carbonara with Mushrooms!

Mushrooms a la creme over macaroni tastes just like carbonara! Let's veganize it, which means, let's make it dairy free, eggs free, cruelty free! ;D

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How to Sew an Antiperspirant Case for Diaper Pail!

Make your own Chemical Free Deodorizer/Antiperspirant for your Cloth Diaper Pail! ;D

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How to Sew Cloth Wipes! (DIY)

Make your own cloth wipes, and do the environment, your wallet and your baby's bottom a BIG favor! ;D Easy crafting for the rockin' momma!

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How to Apply Vecro and Laundry Tabs on Cloth...

On the previous video I showed you how to sew your own pocket cloth diapers with a free pattern. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkbYgCaHeu4) This...

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How to sew Fitted/Pocket Cloth Diapers with a...

Cloth diapering is BACK! Babies LOVE it, mommies LOVE it, budgets LOVE it, the Earth LOVES it! Now make it even cheaper and sew your own! Free...

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How to DIY Reusable Cloth Nursing Pads (QUICK...

Are you planning to exclusively breastfeed your baby? Do your breasts, your pocket and the environment a favor! Make your own nursing pads! Go cloth!

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How to Learn the Interrogative Pronouns in...

One More Learning Tool from MrsDeutsch.com! Download the Table with the Interrogative Words and Memorize them Easily and Quickly with a Simple...

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WINNERS of the GIVEAWAY! eBook for Two!

These are the two lucky friends who won the contest for the 1.000 likes on Facebook and the 1.000 subscribers on Youtube! They both received my...

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2x GIVEAWAY from MrsDeutsch.com - WIN the eBook!

MrsDeutsch.com is celebrating more than a 1.000 subscribers on Youtube and a 1.000 likes on Facebook! Celebrate with me, enter the competition and 2...

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